On the Same Page: Teen Time, homeschool program and After School Book Club next week

Reedsburg Public Library staff

The After School Book Club is a popular feature at the Reedsburg Public Library. (Submitted photo)

The week of Oct. 31 to Nov. 4 promises a number of fun and educational opportunities for students at Reedsburg Public Library. From a kids’ book discussion, to adventurous food choices for the teens and learning American Sign Language with our homeschool families, our “regular” slate of programs is anything but boring!

Our Teen Time programs are selected by the teens for the teens. On Tuesday, Nov. 1, at 4 p.m., youth will play the Food Edition of Would You Rather. Participants must choose between a food choice the previous team just rejected and a new choice decided on by a spin of the wheel. These choices vacillate between the ordinary, a slice of onion for instance, and the absurd, such as M&M’s dipped in ranch dressing. The program is for students grades five and up.

On Wednesday at 2 p.m., Laura Geffert returns to the Reedsburg Public Library to present an introduction to American Sign Language for the library’s homeschool program. Appropriately, Geffert homeschooled her own children, and has also worked as a youth services librarian at both the Reedsburg and Rock Springs libraries. She comments that over the years she has enjoyed “sharing” this beautiful language at storytime sessions, and at homeschool and church groups. She comments that teaching sign language to infants is particularly helpful in enabling them to communicate before they have mastered oral language. At the program, Geffert will present the alphabet, numbers and colors, and have resources for further learning. Reedsburg Public Library has hosted the homeschool program once a month for several years. Youth Services Librarian Jess McCarlson states that what she appreciates most about homeschooling families is their being receptive to every opportunity to learn and grow, whatever the topic. For their part, area homeschool children and their parents benefit not only from the programs themselves, but also from the opportunity to meet together, to share ideas and form new friendships. December’s program will feature money skills, just in time for holiday shopping!

Finally, on Thursday, Nov. 3, at 4 p.m. Miss Maxine will continue her reading of the chapter book “Saving Winslow” by Sharon Creech at After School Book Club. In the story, 10-year-old Louie finds himself the adoptive father of a newborn mini donkey, whose mother is no longer able to take care of him. Each week, the group will be involved in related activities after the reading of the selected chapters. After School Book Club is for children grades 4K through fourth grade.

For questions about any of these library programs, or any other library service, call the library at 768-READ (7323) or email info@reedsburglibrary.org.